A Basic Framework to Guide Objective Injury Rehabilitation

Learn how the different Sparta Scans can be utilized to guide return from injury more objectively.

Injury rehabilitation protocols are predicated on subjective measurements that, while often successful, limit the practitioner and athlete from full confidence in each step along the way. Utilizing Sparta Science technology in the rehabilitation process provides objective measurements that offer a full-body assessment of strength and proprioception.

The Sparta Scan Kit enables the objective assessment and monitoring of strength, balance, asymmetry, proprioception, and dynamic movement to guide criteria-based rehabilitation protocols. The different unique assessments (e.g., Jump, Balance, Plank) can be utilized throughout the rehabilitation process in a practical and scalable way. This objective information not only provides practitioners with more information but can create transparency and alignment within organizations and clarity to injured patients, athletes, and soldiers on where they currently stand and how far they need to progress to return to activity.


Sparta Science's suite of movement Scans enables:

  1. Full body objective measurement of dynamic movement, strength, asymmetry, and proprioception.
  2. Age, gender, and population-specific normative data for benchmarking and comparing scores to our growing database of users.
  3. Automatic identification of metrics and scores significant change to provide insight during rehabilitation and allow for progression and regression to be monitored objectively.
  4. External data integration (API) and PDF reporting enable the efficient and effective sharing of data and insights to improve alignment and engagement.


Example Criterion-Based Rehabilitation Guidelines




Jump (mid to late-stage rehabilitation)

  • Strength
  • Neuromuscular Function
  • Movement Compensation & Injury Risk
  • Fatigue & Readiness


Balance (all stages of rehabilitation)

  • Proprioception
  • Unilateral Stability
  • Balance & Coordination (concussion)
  • Fatigue & Readiness


Plank (all stages of rehabilitation)

  • Core Stability
  • Upper Extremity Function
  • Core Strength & Endurance
  • Fatigue & Readiness