I can't log in to the Scan App. What do I do?

Follow the instructions below for help logging in to the Sparta Scan App.

Forgot Password

  1. If you forgot your password to log in to the Sparta Scan App, open your browser and navigate to cloud.spartascience.com.
  2. Click "Forgot Password" on login pageScreen Shot 2022-03-11 at 11-41-03 AM-png
  3. Follow the subsequent steps to reset your password
  4. Once complete, use your new password to log in to the Sparta Scan App


I have the right password, but still can't log in

If you are confident that you are logging in with the correct email and password, but still cannot access the Sparta Scan App, you may not have the proper permissions to administer scans. Only users with Owner or Manager level administrative permissions are able to log in to the Sparta Scan App.

Contact your organization's primary Sparta owner to have your permissions updated. Or, if you are the primary owner of Sparta at your organization, contact your Customer Experience Manager or email success.spartascience.com for assistance.