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The Jump Scan

The Jump Scan consists of a series of vertical jumps and is utilized to assess dynamic movement strategy and efficiency.

The vertical jump test has been shown to be a reliable and valid assessment across multiple different populations. The Jump Scan assesses dynamic movement holistically by looking at three critical force-time variables - Load, Explode, and Drive.  While the forces measured during the Jump Scan come from the feet, putting force into the ground, the body moves as an entire system utilizing all parts of the body from head to toe.  Movement is extremely complex, requiring interactions between our nervous system (brain) and our musculoskeletal system (muscles/bones), and it is best assessed in a dynamic fashion, like a jump. One of the main reasons the vertical jump is utilized as a test is that the assessment itself is extremely simple. This allows it to be utilized across multiple populations.  The test is also very reliable, meaning accurate and practical, meaning easy and quick to perform. A vertical jump is also a valid or meaningful test for all humans simply because we all live on Earth; we are all bound by the laws of gravity! 


 The Jump Scan is less an athlete or sport-specific jump test and more a simple, reliable, practical dynamic human movement assessment. This may seem obvious, but as humans, we actually have a lot more in common than is different. To use an example from medicine, athletes aren't assessed any differently in their blood panels or echocardiograms... all human bodies function in very similar ways. It is important to note that though we are utilizing a jump as an assessment, a higher jump height does not always mean a more efficient mover or a better result. From a movement perspective, we can see differences in skill or strength, but ALL humans need to create, transfer, and apply force in order to move efficiently and remain healthy. The Jump Scan allows for a holistic measure of dynamic human movement in a simple and practical way.