Sparta MOVE - Overview

This article presents an overview of the Sparta MOVE mobile application for Admin users.

MOVE AppOverview

The Sparta Movement Health Platform enables direct access and engagement to end users via our mobile Sparta MOVE app available on both Android and iOS. This mobile application has a variety of features allowing each individual to review and learn more about their Scan results, and enables the automated (or manual) assignment of exercise prescriptions to each end user.

What Exercise Plans are available?

There are a variety of different types of Exercise Plans available that may fit your organization’s needs.  Anything from simple 10 Minute routines (mobility and stability exercises) to fully developed tactical strength and conditioning plans. Read here for more info, or reach out to your Customer Success Manager for the most up to date information.

How do users get the Exercise Plans?

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Exercise can be assigned/updated automatically after a user completes a Jump Scan, assigned manually by a clinician or practitioner, or a combination of both (most common).  Additionally, users themselves are able to self select Pain Reduction Exercise Plans in their settings.

For more detailed instructions: How to Prescribe MOVE Plans


Do we need to use the Exercise Plans function?

No! The Sparta MOVE mobile app enables the delivery of Exercise Plans, but can also be utilized to share data and insights from the suite Sparta Scans with the end user. The Sparta MOVE app will display their most recent and historical data as well as their Movement Focus.

How do the Exercise Plans work?

The content and framework for each Exercise Plan is based on a combination of data-science, subject matter expertise, and ongoing research and development. Users are progressed at a safe pace utilizing autoregulation to automatically adjust exercises, sets, repetitions, and intensities as each user completes each session. Additionally, users will have the ability to choose alternate exercises based on their equipment, proficiency, or preference.


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