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Bodyweight is different from force plate to force plate. What do I do?

Sometimes, discrepancies in bodyweight from plate-to-plate can be due to a lack of stability. Follow the steps below to check the force plate is on a flat surface.

Check for a Stable Surface:

Before beginning a scan, check that the force plate is set up on a flat surface. Place the force plate in the desired spot, then tap on opposing corners and listen for any shifting. If you hear a sound, the plate is not flat. Shift a few inches in any direction, and check again. Continue until no sound is detected and the plate is stable.

Restart the Scan App:

Quit and reopen the Sparta Scan App to ensure no firmware or software updates are available. To check for software updates manually, follow this tutorial.


If No Change:

Contact your Customer Experience Manager or email success@spartascience.com to notify our team of this issue.