Can I see the raw force plate data?

Learn more about accessing the different layers of force plate data available from the Scan App.

Yes! Our Movement Health Platform enables access to multiple levels of data to allow multi-purpose capabilities and transparency. There are multiple levels of data derived from the force plate scan capture that are available in our platform. Data is available both in "raw" (SI units) and normalized (T-Scores, Percentiles). 

  • Derived Data-Driven Metrics (e.g., Risk, Balance, Sparta Score)
  • Calculated Signal Processing-Driven Metrics (e.g., sample entropy, energy)
  • Calculated Biomechanics-Driven Metrics (e.g., max power, average sway velocity, eccentric time)
  • Time Series Data (i.e., Fz, COPx, and COPy at 1000 Hz)

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