Why don't I have an MSK Health?


MSK Health uses our database of 1.5+ million assessments from populations around the world to generate a relative risk of injury.  The machine learning data model starts by looking at all of the inputted factors [Load, Explode, Drive, Jump Height, Mass, Gender] and grouping similar results together.  The model then looks at known injury outcomes within that group to make a prediction on the relative likelihood of injury for others.  In order to make predictions with accuracy, there is a minimum amount of data that is needed to be in these groupings.

Sometimes, results for an individual are quite unique; meaning their data grouping doesn’t have a large amount of similar data from our database. In these cases, because the minimum amount of data required for an accurate prediction is not met, no MSK Health is provided. As our database continues to grow these instances will become rarer and our predictions more accurate.