Why does Sparta utilize the vertical jump, single leg balance, and single arm plank as assessments?


When discussing the rationale behind the different assessments available on the Sparta System there is no more important place to start than with reliability. Put simply, if the results of a test cannot be assigned consistently (reliable), it is impossible to conclude that the scores are accurate.  Unreliable data is simply bad data, and there is nothing any data scientist or machine learning algorithm can do to fix this. The assessments Sparta utilizes and the specific variables or measures utilized from these assessments are first and foremost found to be reliable. Multiple internal analyses and independent 3rd party research studies can be referenced and found in the Publications section of our website. It is also important to note that the assessments are reliable across different populations and settings. This scalability is possible because of different standardization settings within the software to ensure the reliable data is collected without the need for impractical and time-consuming assessment protocols.


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