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What types of research does Sparta Science perform?

Learn more about what types of research are done at Sparta Science and how research organizations can partner with us.

The available published research utilizing Sparta Science’s technology is available in the Publications section of our website and continues to be updated monthly since our first publication in 2013. We are currently engaged in (and continue to seek) research partnerships with academic and private institutions to improve transparency, product development, and data-driven movement health insights.

Our Data Science team internally at Sparta prioritizes an integrated data science approach and ongoing product focus to train, validate, and deploy predictive models directly to our platform as well as running continuous reliability analyses and optimizations directly to the platform.

Interested in utilizing the MHP (Movement Health Platform) as part of your research or R&D? Reach out to us at research@spartascience.com


Current and Previous Research Partners:

  • University of Pennsylvania, University of Pennsylvania Health System
  • University of Connecticut, Kory Stringer Institute
  • New York University, NYU Langone Health
  • Latrobe University (AUS)
  • Sheffield Hallam University (AUS)
  • OrthoSport Victoria (AUS)
  • University of Kansas, Jayhawk Athletic Performance Laboratory
  • University of the Pacific
  • Mount Royal University (CAN)
  • HumanGood
  • Auburn University, Warrior Research Center