What does the Sparta Science software do?

Movement capability is a fundamental component of human health. Our cloud-based software leverages force (movement) data to objectively understand how individuals move in an efficient, repeatable way. This information can help us understand how well prepared a person is for different types of activities, which individuals are at a heightened risk for injury, at what type of activities a person is likely to excel, and how individuals can improve their movement capability.

The Sparta Science software is able to create these insights due to the depth of human movement data collected with our software over the last 10+ years. Sparta Science employs an array of machine learning techniques to create injury risk prediction models, as well as identify activities and exercises that can be implemented to reduce that risk. Each organization uses Sparta in a unique way to achieve their desired outcomes.

You can check out our Case Studies on spartascience.com to learn more about how organizations are using Sparta Science.