What does the Sparta Movement Health Platform do?

The Sparta Movement Health Platform (SMHP) provides an extensive and flexible set of capabilities that help organizations assess and improve the movement health of their members - be they patients, athletes, soldiers, or employees. SMHP includes the following capabilities:

  • Guided force-plate based movement tests that objectively measure different aspects of movement health
  • Real-time analysis and movement vital sign calculations
  • Machine learning based models that provide expanded insights into movement health and that improve over time as subjects are tracked
  • A cloud-based application for managing the movement health of individuals in an organization
  • A comprehensive data collection and management systems that enables organizations to create a scalable movement health data asset
  • A mobile application that enables organizations to communicate with and guide their members on their movement health improvement journey

You can check out our Case Studies on spartascience.com to learn more about how organizations are using Sparta Science.