What do the different Sparta Scan assessments tell you?

There are currently three main assessments or Scans utilized in the Sparta Science software.

The balance and plank scans are used to measure an individual’s ability to statically stabilize on a single limb. The Balance Scan can determine the likelihood of sustaining a leg injury, having a fall, or even serve as an early warning sign of Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. The Plank Scan measures your core’s ability to control your body from side to side and top to bottom and can identify the risk of sustaining neck, core, back, and shoulder injuries.

The Jump Scan is used to characterize an individual’s dynamic movement strategy which relates to how they complete any movement. Whether climbing the stairs, lifting a box, or landing after a slam dunk, this simple, holistic movement demonstrates how efficiently each individual creates, transfers, and applies force. 

These results can be used to screen for potential injury risk and provide objective measures of progress throughout training for healthy individuals, as well as through rehabilitation. They also used to identify or classify individuals for a particular position or skill and to assess individual or group readiness for activity.