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This article discusses scheduling Sparta training sessions and how Sparta progresses training difficulty in order to improve movement quality and reduce injury risk.

Scheduling Training

A workout plan is made up of sessions. There are both Primary and Auxillary sessions that may be assigned. A cycle of primary sessions should be completed each week at a minimum but can be completed more quickly if desired. Adequate recovery between primary sessions is recommended to avoid overtraining. Plans either consist of 2 or 3 primary sessions per cycle.

Example: 2 Primary Sessions Per Cycle


A new set of workouts will be assigned after 7 days regardless of whether all of the sessions have been completed for the cycle.

Auxiliary Sessions

Auxiliary sessions are typically shorter, and contain supplemental exercises to help improve movement health and should be completed as time permits, either after a primary session or on rest days

How to Progress

Sparta Plans progress based on prior performance, ensuring safety and continued improvement.

Training Phases

In order to progress to the next training phase, the prescribed sets, reps, and weight must be completed for the hinge movement. Between Sparta Scans progress is measured by increasing weight for the hinge movement. The hinge movement is denoted by a star in the app and in most plans it can be found in primary session 1.

Example: Clean Grip RDL Hinge Movement

Phase Progression

The phase will automatically update when the target weight for all reps and sets of the hinge movement is achieved.

If the target sets, reps, and weight cannot be completed, the phase will repeat until the target is achieved. It usually takes more than a single cycle to progress out of a phase.

Adjusting a Training Plan

Training Plan is too Challenging

Sparta training plans provide a target weight for each set of a given movement. This target weight is a goal but does not need to be reached during the first workout session. If the movements are still too challenging at reduced weight the plan may need to be adjusted by the system administrator.

Training Plan is too Easy

Sparta training plans are designed to progress in difficulty. Many of the movements included in the plans may be new and need to become familiar before increasing difficulty. The plans will quickly increase in difficulty when more workouts are logged. The target weight for each exercise can also be increased manually. If after a few training sessions a plan is still too easy the plan starting point may need to be adjusted by the system administrator.


If specific equipment is needed to perform a given exercise, Sparta plans automatically provide audibles. Audibles are substitute movements that can be performed with different equipment or no equipment at all.

Example: Front Squat Audible