The "Balanced" Training Plan

Learn more about why we don't recommend attempting to address all three Jump Signature variables at once.

Improving Load, Explode, and Drive?  - The "Balanced" Plan

There are a few common questions we get around the Movement Signature classifications. Perhaps the most notable omission is a classification of Low Explode and Drive, but again it is important to reiterate the classifications are based on successful (predictable) interventions.  Based on our research we have yet to find an intervention of combination of exercises that have been shown to improve both Explode and Drive simultaneously, and thus we do not classify individual's Movement Signatures this way. For practitioners and coaches with a clear grasp of the concepts of Explode and Drive, this makes intuitive sense as they are somewhat contradictory qualities. 

The other common question is around a "balanced" Movement Signature, meaning that the values for all three variables are relatively similar.  Again, based on our research (and perhaps some more common sense) we haven't found a specific intervention that shows a consistent, predictable positive effect on Load, Explode, AND Drive. There is nothing wrong with a "balanced" training program in theory, however, as the data has shown us each individual will likely respond to that balanced program in their own unbalanced way. For Load, Explode, and Drive, instead of trying to prioritize everything (and then by definition nothing is a priority) there are much better outcomes when a targetted approach is taken.


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