Sparta Planning

Using each individuals classification from the Sparta Scans and years of research, Sparta Planning puts data driven training plans in the individuals hands. The plans are designed to improve movement efficiency and reduce injury risk.

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  4. Autoregulation
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  7. Common Questions

Sparta Planning

Sparta Planning is a mobile-friendly feature that puts data-driven individualized training plans in the hands of each individual. Each person has unique needs and based on their results from the suite of Sparta Scans, the individual is given a personalized plan to improve their performance and reduce the predicted injury risk. Different movements and exercises have unique effects, so it is important that each individual is prescribed a plan based on their specific needs. 

The plans available in the Sparta system are based on a combination of data science and expertise to ensure the most effective plan and the best possible outcomes. There are unique targeted based on each individual's classification from the Sparta Scans: Load, Explode, Drive, Load & Explode, Load & Drive, Balance, or Plank.  Each plan includes exercises and movements that based on our research have been shown to significantly improve the results from an individual's scan, leading to improved movement efficiency and reducing the risk of injury.

Plans are built for training with varieties difficulties, as well as equipment so users have options if training at home or at any kind of gym. Individualized progression is made possible by utilizing auto-regulation. Our unique methods allow each individual to progress at their own rate for optimal safety and best outcomes.


Assigning Plans

The ability to assign a plan is only available to Organization Admins.


  1. Choose Plan (see plan types below)
  2. Recommendation for Plan Focus (based on Sparta Scan)
  3. Set Phase 1-12 (starting relative difficulty)
  4. Set Variant (# of sessions)
  5. Set plan as Primary or Auxillary (priority)
  6. Add additional plans (optional)

(1) There are a few different types of plans which are defined below. (2) The Sparta system will recommend a plan focus for an individual based upon their Sparta Scan results. (3) Each plan consists of 12 Phases, which ensure proper and safe progression through the exercises, intensities, and volumes. It is typically recommended to begin at Phase 1. This feature, called Autoregulation, is also discussed in more detail below. (4) Some plans will have different variations consisting of a different number of sessions. The number of sessions is less so based specifically on the number of "workouts" performed in a week, but as the number of unique workouts. Users can absolutely perform a 2 session plan multiple times per week, this will allow for faster progression through the autoregulation system. (5) Each plan can be chosen as Primary or Auxillary which simply allows for prioritization by Admins. (6) Users can be assigned a single plan, but plans can also be combined based on available time and logistics.


Types of Plans

Primary Plans

Sparta Foundational Plan (2 Session) - Each plan is tailored for an individual's needs based on their Sparta Scans. Movements start with the lowest progression/difficulty (bodyweight movements) and eventually progress to loaded exercises. Each session is 30-45 minutes.

Sparta Performance Plan (2-3 Session) -Each plan is tailored for an individual's needs based on their Sparta Scans. Movements start with basic barbell movements and low relative loads, then progress to more advanced movements. 2 or 3 session variations available. Each session is 30-45 minutes.

Auxillary Plans

Sparta Injury Routines & Pain Modules (1-2 Session) - Each Injury Routine is tailored to address an individual's previous injury history, while each Pain Module is tailored to address current acute pain and improve function.

Sparta 10-Minute Routine (2 Session) - Each routine is tailored for an individual's needs based on their Sparta Scans.  

For a more detailed explanation of the types of Sparta Plans check out: Types of Training Plans



The Autoregulation feature is a unique feature that allows users to progress at their own rate. The Sparta Planning system and plans adapt and progress based on each individual's input, so what you get tomorrow depends on what you log today. Each plan can simply be thought of as having 12 different phases that progress in difficulty as the phases go up.  In order to progress a phase, the individual must complete a specific difficulty or intensity in their Plan. The 12 Phases are often thought of as 12 weeks, but the progression is typically not that fast. Users can (and will) spend multiple "weeks" in that same Phase as they continue to progress. Primary Plans (as listed above) are utilized to progress individuals and follow the autoregulation while the Auxillary Plans do not. Admins: For further discussion reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

For a more detailed explanation of the Sparta Autoregulation feature check out: Autoregulation: A Smart(er) Approach to Progression



Audibles are options to allow users to adjust exercises based on their particular situation, primarily based on the equipment that is available.  When a user is assigned a plan, some exercises will have the ability to be changed to similar exercises (with similar effects) but with different equipment.

For example, if a Front Squat exercise is prescribed, a user may have the ability to audible to a Goblet Squat or even a Bodyweight Squat based on their equipment availability. This allows for consistency in training regardless of circumstance. This allows for consistency in training regardless of circumstance, while avoiding the randomness of substituting generic exercises or activities that an individual may not need. Admins: Audibles can be customized to a certain extent for your organization. If interested reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

For a more detailed explanation of the Sparta Audibles feature check out: Audibles: Creating an Adaptable Plan



All exercises in the Sparta Plans have videos attached to allow Admins and users to ensure they are performing them properly.  We also share access to our current library of videos for reference.  See: Is there a list or library of exercise videos I can access?


Common Questions

What plan should I assign?

  • The plan you assign should be based on the level of competency and confidence of the user. If you are unsure, we recommend starting with Foundational Plans first. Admins: For further discussion reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

What if I/my users want to train more often than 2-3x per week?

  • That's great! Multiple plans can be assigned, and/or the 2 and 3 session plans can be performed multiple times per week.  Sparta utilizes 2 or 3 session plans as our data has shown there is a much more limited set of movements or exercises that can have an intended effect.  So while it is possible to create "variety" and more, too many exercises can have negative effects and interactions with each other.

How do I change a plan?

Why are these exercises chosen?

Why not more variety?

  • See above.  Variety is difficult to ensure as there are certain movements that each individual should do and actually certain movements they should avoid.  The Sparta Plans are precise exercise prescriptions, you wouldn't ask your doctor for more variety in your medication, would you? The best way to see variety is to continue to progress through the plans as the exercises will change and get more challenging through progression.

Why don't we utilize a "balanced" plan?

  • A balanced plan can be great in theory but difficult in practice. Not everyone needs everything and most individuals aren't balanced to begin with! See: The "Balanced" Training Plan

Can I continue my normal training and utilize these as "correctives"?