My force plate says OFFLINE but it is connected, what should I do?

  1. First, confirm that your wireless connection is active.  This may seem obvious, but if your wireless connection was disconnected it's going to be difficult to connect!  To do this refresh the page.

  2. Second, confirm that you are selecting the correct force plate.  If you only have one option in the dropdown menu, you can move on.  If you have multiple force plates as options be sure to try other force plates as you may simply be selecting a force plate that is not connected to any device.

  3. Third, check the cables of the force plate, specifically the cord that connects under the plate.  It is usually pretty obvious if the force plate itself isn't connected to the computer, but can be less so if the cord underneath the plate has come undone.  Also, be sure to check and make sure any adapters used are plugged all the way in.

The ace in the hole: restart the computer! The old tried and true, for some reason (no one knows, not even our software engineers and they are really smart) restarting your MacBook often seems to fix most issues.  This method can be particularly helpful if the MacBook's battery ran out (died) or it hasn't been used in a significant amount of time.


Still not working? Let us know!  On the odd chance that the above steps haven't solved your problem please let us know.  Reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) and they should be able to help.  Alternatively, you can email and someone from our team will be in touch.