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Combining force plate technology and over 12 years of data in the Sparta database the MSK Health score shows an individuals injury risk compared to their peers.

Force Plate Machine Learning™ software leverages Machine Learning (ML)with data collected from force plate technology to identify how individuals move and provide recommended training plans to treat preexisting conditions, reduce future injuries and optimize health and performance.

Utilizing the latest machine-learning techniques, the Sparta System takes each individual’s Jump Scan and analyzes results alongside 12+ years of data to calculate their MSK Health. Note: MSK health is the 2nd generation of our ML metric to assign risk to an individual, this has been replaced with Injury Risk in the most up-to-date version of the Sparta software. 


MSK Health is a representation of an individual’s relative risk of suffering a musculoskeletal (MSK) injury compared to their peers.


How does the scale work?

MSK Health is based on a scale of roughly 0-100, where a higher number is better.  50 is average, meaning an individual with an MSK Health of 50 has equal odds as the average individual of suffering an MSK injury in the next 30 days.



For every 10 pt increase in MSK Health, the relative injury risk decreases by 20%.  For example, an individual with an MSK Health of 60 is 20% less likely (or .8x) than the average person to suffer an MSK injury.


How do we know this?

Sparta has been consistently collecting ground reaction force data from numerous assessments for over a decade from 80k+ unique individuals and a variety of populations.  Along with that data, we’ve been collecting injury outcome metrics.  With this depth of data, Sparta has dynamically built finely-tuned Machine Learning models into our product to predict the relative likelihood of an individual’s injury risk.


What goes into MSK Health?

The current factors that contribute to the model are listed below. These factors will evolve and grow over time to produce more accurate predictions for a variety of populations ranging from sport athletes to tactical athletes to industrial athletes.

Current Factors

  • Assigned Sex
  • Load
  • Explode
  • Drive
  • Mass
  • Jump Height