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Integrations and API Access

This article discusses the general setup for 3rd party integrations and API access.

Sparta Science provides an API that can be used to access data in the Movement Health Platform (MHP). There are two ways that you can leverage the MHP API:
  • Pre-built 3rd Party Integrations
  • Custom Development

3rd Party Integrations

Sparta Science provides access to its API so that 3rd party vendors can integrate Sparta Science data.

To Grant Access to 3rd Party Integrations:

  1. Confirm what the 3rd party needs to enable the integration with the Movement Health Platform. (They’ll likely just need an API Key)
  2. Contact your Sparta Science Customer Success representative to generate an API Key for your organization.
  3. Share your API Key with the 3rd Party Integration provider.
  4. Work with your 3rd party provider to set the integration up in their system.

Custom Development

Sparta Science makes your data available to you programmatically via a REST API.

For testing, you can authenticate using your existing Sparta Science login credentials. You can also request an API Key from your Sparta Science Customer Success representative that can be used in place of your login credentials.