How to Change Scan App Preferences - Cloud

Within the Sparta Scan App, there are a few items Admins are able to enable or disable that impact the scan experience.
  1. On the MacBook, open the Sparta Scan App
  2. Click "Sparta Scan" on the Menu Bar, then select Preferences

  3. Select or deselect preferences you'd like to change

    1. "Show bodyweight" indicates whether the User's bodyweight will be displayed upon the completion of a scan
    2. "Play scan sound effects" enables indicator tones to play throughout each can. Tone signify the switch from one segment of the scan to the next
    3. "Password Autofill" enables the administrator's password to be saved to the login page of the Scan App
  4. Close the Preferences dialog box to save changes
  5. Click refresh button in the Scan App to apply changes

    Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 5.32.03 PM